Best Video Editing Software 2020 | FREE AND PAID OPTIONS

In this blog I’m going to cover what I think is the best video editing software to use in 2020, including free and paid software. 

Quick background story, I started making little videos as a kid over 10 years ago using Sony Vegas which a lot of you have probably never heard of. Since then I have been fortunate enough to travel the world in which I made videos documenting the journey. I now work for a film company in London as well as doing my own freelance film work, plus making online video content. So yeah when it comes to video editing I have used the majority of software and in this blog I’m going to recommend a few different options that I think are best. 

Free Software

iMovie – Okay so this is free software from Apple for all you Mac users out there. iMovie is great if you’re a beginner just starting out with video editing, it’s very basic and simple to use. I would look at iMovie as your entry into the world of video editing, a place to learn, get good, and then step up to a more professional piece of editing software. Also, the fact it’s free and comes on Mac devices, well you just can’t go wrong. 

DaVinci Resolve – This is free software by Blackmagic Design that is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. DaVinci Resolve is by far the best free video editing software available. It has very advanced features and is professional software that is quickly becoming more and more popular, which I can totally see why because of what you get. I have heard lots of people saying not to use DaVinci Resolve if you’re a beginner which I understand because it is quite complex, but I would argue and say definitely use it if you’re a beginner, intimidate, or advanced. Yes it’s going to take longer to learn and yes it’s going to be confusing at first but all editing software if confusing at first. Why not spend the extra time learning a piece of software that’s going to help you progress so much more than all the other free editing software.  

Paid Software

Final Cut Pro – This is really Apples paid professional version of iMovie again for Mac users out there. Final Cut Pro has an easy to use interface and many great features. When it comes to professional video editing speed is very important, you don’t want software that freezes a lot and struggles to edit high-resolution video which is why I love Final Cut Pro, it’s very fast especially when using it with a high spec Mac. What I also like about Final Cut Pro is that it’s a one off payment of £299.99 and then you just continued to update the software when needed.

Adobe Premiere Pro – For me this software is the winner. I have been using Premiere Pro for the last 5 years at least, and although I have used the majority of other editing software this is my favorite which I always end up back on. This is just my personal preference but I find for my projects and what I do it’s just so easy to navigate around and there’s so many features. Premiere Pro is really the leader and most popular editing software at the moment and because of this there are so many plugins, transitions, LUTs, all things to add and help make your videos better. As well as it being an amazing stand alone software it also works really well with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop, After Effects, and many more. Premiere Pro works with a monthly payment plan of £25.28 per month.


Just to conclude, All software in this blog is great and whatever one you end up using will enable you to create wonderful videos. Having said that from my personal experience and what I need in video editing software, if I was to use free software it would definitely be DaVinci Resolve and paid software Adobe Premiere Pro. I hope you found this blog useful and you can start cracking on with creating videos. Let me know below what software you’re using!